Gus Stevenson


In addition to working on his own music, Gus has collaborated with other bands and individuals to help them achieve their musical visions.


This is an experimental project with musician Michael Allen. Founded in 2003, under the name "Academy of the Stallenlab," it involves experimentation with sound and its manipulation. This has included using found objects as musical instruments, running microphones through various distortion and effect systems, and manipulation of feedback to create interesting sounds. So far, we've recorded roughly eight hours of music, unusual sound and noise.


The Chrome Nuns

This St. Louis punk rock band started out in 1999, under the name "Pegleg Pete and the Tube Socks." They later changed their name to "Odd Man Out," but that name was already taken. They then became "Damn the Luck," but the band broke up a few months later. Three members of Damn the Luck--James Gallagher, Mike Burke, and Bass--went on to form a new band. After trying the names "Left for Dead" and "Under the Influence" (both of which were already taken), they finally settled on the name "Chrome Nuns". In 2001, they released their first album "Babes by the Carload." In late 2002, Gus joined the band as a keyboardist. He played in two of their songs, Deaf, Dumb, Blind Girl* and Summertime*. In 2003, he recorded with them on their second (unreleased) album, prior to the band's breakup.

The Chrome Nuns developed a strong local following, and were recognized for their fun lyrics and catchy songs. Even audience members who had never seen them play before would quickly find themselves singing along. The Chrone Nuns played alongside many other local bands, including Final Theory, Dean Grey, Supervillain Zero, and countless others. The band even played a show with Big Blue Monkey, the band that later became Story of the Year. Today, the Nuns' debut cd still appears every now and then in local music stores. As of yet, there are no plans to release the follow-up album.

* Designated recordings are Copyright © 2003 The Chrome Nuns.
The Chrome Nuns are James Gallagher, Mike Burke, Beave, and Mojo.
Keyboards by Gus Stevenson. Recorded at Jupiter Studios, 2003.

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