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Gus has done some work as a hobbyist video game designer and programmer. Below are some of his video game projects, created under the label "GS Games". Most were made using Clickteam's "The Games Factory" and "Multimedia Fusion." Please note that these games only work on PCs with Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7. They will not run on Macs.

Click on the game's title to download. Once downloaded, extract the files in the ZIP. Then, double-click the EXE file to run the game.

Note: Keep all files in the same directory! If you have any trouble, or if you have any questions or comments, let me know.

Though these games are freeware, they are still copyrighted. Please do not sell or redistribute them. If you'd like to post them on your website, please ask first. Any download links should go to this page. Occasionally, I post updated versions of my games with bug fixes and other changes/additions. Downloading from this site ensures that you're getting the newest version.

Pig Pong Type: Bat and Ball Produced: November, 2004
Released: November, 2005

This is a variation of the classsic Pong-style game, only this time, it takes place in a pig's mouth! Bat the ball between the pig's tooth and uvula to decide whether the pig lives or dies. This game even has it's own theme song! In addition, there are several customizable options that greatly affect the difficulty of the game, including paddle size and ball speed.

Paddle Pixel Type: Bat and Ball Produced: November, 2004
Released: November, 2005

This is a variation of the classsic Pong-style game, with a few new twists. When the ball hits the paddle, a section of the paddle disappears. Thus, it gets more difficult to hit the ball as the game progresses. Also, the player can shoot "decoy balls" to confuse the other player. However, this also costs a section of the player's paddle. In addition, there are several customizable options that greatly affect the difficulty of the game, including paddle size, ball speed, and obstacles.

Dubya Invaders Type: Arcade Released: January, 2005

The following is a public service announcement provided one week before the American Presidential Inauguration:

Evil forces have invaded our country, and are now posing as our leaders! They are now passing an agenda of endless fear and costly war. Use peace and non-violent resistance to push back the invaders as they decend on your home town. Watch out! They'll try to silence you with Patriot Act missiles!

This game also features audio clips from President Bush's blooper reel.

The Doors Type: Interactive Fiction Released: January, 2005

You are not sure where you are, or how you got there, but you must search the rooms and obtain the items necessary for your escape.

This game was made using Imp of Hazard Games' "The Quest Maker." The zip includes the TQM player, which is needed to load the game. It also includes an MP3 file that doesn't seem to play in the game.

"The Quest Maker" download page:

Boogie Squares Type: Puzzle Produced: Fall, 2002
Released: Fall, 2004
Fast-pased color-changing disco square action! Make all of the color-shifting squares the same color in the shortest amount of time possible. Left-click on a square to make it "hold" its current color. Right-click to start it changing again. The game ends when the whole screen is the same color.

World War 2003 Type: Arcade Released: March, 2003
As you probably already know, American President Bush could start World War III any day now. We'll all get killed in the nuclear holocaust to follow, but who's to say we can't have some fun in the meantime? This is a two-player game in which one player plays as Bush, and the other as Saddam. Earths float by overhead, and the object of the game is to shoot at and blow up the Earths. The player that destroys the most planets in 60 seconds wins.

Random Maze Type: Retro Released: January, 2003
A maze is randomly constructed in front of you, through which you must navigate to the top of the screen. You have the ability to topple walls that are in your way by touching them. However, this will cost you points. The goal is to find the path to the end with the least number of walls in the way. Any suggestions on how to improve the scoring system would be appreciated, as it is almost impossible to get a perfect score.

Snow Babies Type: Arcade Released: December, 2002
Just in time for Christmas comes this old-school arcade game. I guess it's somewhere in the vein of "Space Invaders." I'm not quite sure if you'd call it "Christmassy," but it includes snow and some Christmas Carols. As for what it's, well, you are a crazy jack-in-the-box and there are these... babies... well, pretend they aren't babies. Pretend they're shaved cats with diapers. No, wait, they're not cats either... umm... well geez, they're drawings. Get over it.
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Soul Redemption (demo) Type: Platform Released: December, 2003

Daniel Kollinger witnessed his mother's suicide at age nine, and went on to live a miserable life. At age 19, he faced his own death. Now, he must redeem his missteps by rescuing his mother's soul, which was imprisoned in a hellish edifice that looks like his childhood home. By gaining certain items, Daniel gains the abilities to turn invisible, float, shoot, and walk through walls.
This demo version includes the first half of the game (in which Daniel explores the house and collects the items) and the first boss.

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