Gus Stevenson


Gus Stevenson has worked with several local productions companies, including Wicked Pixel Cinema, Thadius Pictures, and 88MM Productions. He as appeared in, scored, and worked on crew for several local independent features and shorts.

This page contains several of his own video projects. Many were made for a 30 minute video art piece, entitled Chaos Lightbox: Experiments in Audio, Video, and Animation, which was presented as part of his graduation thesis show at Fontbonne. This page includes several film shorts and cartoon animations that are included in that project, as well as other projects.

Please note that the video files here are of reduced size and quality for easier download.


My First Kiss Happened in a Dream




A Man in Front of a Brick Wall Eating a Candy Bar on a Wednesday*

  Postitive Image/Negative Space*


Up, Down, and Around a Mound

Shooting the Moon

"There's a hole in my head!"

Clay Animation Film (Age 9)*
Rotoscoping Tests #1&2

Poor Baby*
"This Won't Look Good on My Resume!"* Pixilation Test

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