Gus Stevenson



In Memory Of, Wicked Pixel Cinema, Eric Stanze, Feature, 2016.
- Joe/Supporting

Sound Of Nothing, 88MM Productions, Chris Grega, Feature, 2013.
- Street Zombie/Supporting

Five, Apple Worm Productions, Jessie Seitz, Short, 2012.
- News Reporter (V.O.)/Supporting

Ratline, Wicked Pixel Cinema, Eric Stanze, Feature, 2010.
- Jakob Wagner/Supporting

Up In The Air, Paramount Pictures, Jason Reitman, Feature, 2009.
- Conference Attendee (uncredited)

My Cousin Joe, Gimme Truth Film Contest, Brian Spath, Short, 2007.
- Joe/Lead

Nichols and Brian: Men of Action, National Film Challenge, Brian Spath, Short, 2007.
- Goon/Supporting

Luftwaffe, Meatloaf Productions, 48 Hour Film Project, Dax Wyland, Short, 2007.
- Baby Davis/Supporting

Rhineland, 88mm Productions, Chris Grega, Feature, 2007.
- WWII American Soldier/Supporting

On the Road to the Abolition of Slavery in the U.S. (1776-1865), Dred Scott Committee, Steve Edison, Series of Historical Documentaries (6 Episodes), 2007-2012.
- Benjamin Rush, David Wilmot, Friar Lumpquasett, Elijah Lovejoy, Samuel May, Wilbur H Siebert

Deadwood Park, Wicked Pixel Cinema, Eric Stanze, Feature, 2007.
- Gene/Supporting

The Rubber Bandit, Lindenwood Bros., 48 Hour Project, Mark Hallett, Short, 2006.
- The Rubber Bandit/Lead

Satan's Cannibal Holocaust, Thadius Pictures and SRS Cinema, Jim Wayer, Feature, 2006.
- Larry/Supporting

"Zombie79", Crypt33, Apple Worm Productions and Wicked Pixel Cinema, Jessie Seitz, Music Video, 2006.
- Homeless Zombie/Supporting

Cyborg Samurai, Butcher Boys Productions, Marcin Pasternak, Short, 2005.
- Series 2/Supporting

Student of Leisure, Optically Sound, Mark Cange, Feature, 2005.
- Andy/Supporting


"The Walking Dead", Star Clipper, 2010.

"KDHX Addicts", KDHX-TV Promo, 2008.

"Lighters" & "Jerry", St. Louis Symphony Orchestra, 2005.

"ACT" & "GPA", Fontbonne University, 2003.


Staged Combat Training, Missouri Academy of Staged Combat, Mark Bedell

Swing Dancing Lessons, Casa Loma Ballroom

BFA, Fontbonne University