Gus Stevenson

"Gus Stevenson has provided graphic design and art department services for multiple films of mine, and he has consistently knocked it out of the park. I am impressed with his rock-solid work ethic, attention to detail, the high standards he sets for his work, and his ability to take direction and meet deadlines, while infusing each project with his exceptional artistic skills."
- Eric Stanze, director of IN MEMORY OF, RATLINE, DEADWOOD PARK

Gus Stevenson began taking lessons in classical piano at age seven, and performed on keyboard in a local punk rock band. He has composed and performed music for several short subject and feature films, most notably for Eric Stanze's films In Memory Of and Ratline and features for New York-based SRS Cinema. He also served as a mixing engineer on the score of Deadwood Park, another Stanze feature. He has experience utilizing a wide variety of sound recording, mixing, and editing software, including Cakewalk Sonar and Sony Soundforge.

In addition to his musical work, Gus has worked as an actor, in both lead and supporting roles, and as a graphic artist. He's made appearances in films for Wicked Pixel Cinema and SRS Cinema, and in several episodes of the "On the Road to the Abolition of Slavery" series of historical documentaries. He also made a brief appearance in the George Clooney film Up In The Air.

During his years in college, Gus drew a comic strip called The Demention for the student newspaper. While at Fontbonne University, he majored in Fine Art, with an emphasis on studio work. There, he earned several credit hours in drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramics, graphic design, web design, and illustration. His senior project there was a video art presentation called Chaos Lightbox, which showcased some of his early video shorts. He graduated with a BFA. He lives and works in St. Louis, Missouri.

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